About Jen the Fashion Girl

About Jen the Fashion Girl.

My full name is Jennifer… yup like in English but In Portugués it means “White Waves.” Jennifer comes from the Celt Gwenhwyfar. I should have been named Julinha, but as I was born with very blonde hair…

I am Latina, and not like many think that latinos are from Mexico or Guatemala, I am from South America, from Brazil. Brazilians are Latino since the nation is located in Latin America. Yet Brazilians aren’t thought about Hispanic since the country’s key language is Portuguese, not Spanish.

I live in the US as I moved there for my doctorate and where I met my husband a Gringo. We are happily married since 2000.

Why am I writing about Latino diet, Laino fashion and Chicago, well, we live in Chicago and after years of good old American eating habits we switched to the good old Latin America meal styles.

Did I mention I am a big fan of fashion? Not the expensive Italian or French one, the best ones: Cheap and wearable 🙂

Ok, I’ll add more about me later but for now, that’s all (isso é tudo as my avó would have said)